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If you are interested in a legal career in a leading law firm with prominent clients and challenging work, certain steps can help you build the foundation you need. It may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many young lawyers lack focus when selecting their course of study. If you want to be a trial lawyer, participate in moot court and take Appellate Advocacy, Civil Procedure and Evidence. Similarly, if you want to be a deal maker, it helps to understand that every transaction is influenced by a host of issues – including bankruptcy, tax and industry-specific regulations. Take classes in which you will be exposed to the basic concepts and jargon that may one day form the basis of your practice.

Cadwalader focuses on the sophisticated transactional, litigation and regulatory needs of the world's leading businesses. So our work frequently involves antitrust, bankruptcy, corporate governance and finance, complex financial products, securities, insurance, real estate, tax and regulatory issues. It certainly can not hurt, and may very well help, to have exposure to some of these areas of law.