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Employee Benefits
Cadwalader is a leader in associate compensation, and that’s just the beginning. Our benefits include:

To ensure that the demands of your career don’t overshadow your needs and those of your family, Cadwalader is committed to developing and supporting policies that encourage personal as well as professional growth, including:

Cadwalader is proud to be an American Heart Association Gold Start! Fit Friendly Company!, an award bestowed on an elite group of companies that promote a wellness culture and that have implemented positive physical, nutritional and cultural changes in the workplace.

Partnerships and Promotions
We're thinking long-term so we offer a variety of career options and flexible and innovative work arrangements. Promotion to partner usually takes place nine to ten years following graduation from law school. Your candidacy will be considered first by your practice group and then by the full partnership. Associates may be considered for Special Counsel after a minimum of eight years experience and based upon department need. Promotion to this position provides recognition and incentive for experienced attorneys who have demonstrated excellent legal and management skills, expertise in their area of practice, a commitment to client relations, a dedication to training and mentoring junior staff, and contributions to the firm through pro bono, marketing and recruiting activities. Part-time and flex-time schedules are also available.

Quality of Life
To help you balance the demands on your time, we will give you the opportunity and tools you need to work at home. Our sabbatical program, available after five full years with the firm, will afford you one month of paid leave in addition to regular vacation to pursue whatever interest you desire. Our offices also organize and promote a variety of social events.