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Training & Career Resources

At Cadwalader, you will learn about what you’re good at and develop the skills that you need to become a world-class lawyer. From your first day at the firm, we will help you expand your knowledge of the law and set a course for your long-term growth.

Our first year associates receive a comprehensive week-long orientation called First-Year Fundamentals. First-Year Fundamentals consists of in-depth substantive training for each of our practice areas, and a review of the resources and benefits the firm offers. You’ll also have opportunities to re-connect with your classmates from other practice groups and offices.

Throughout your first year, you’ll pair with a mentors who will be available to answer your questions and help you address issues. Mentors will provide valuable information about practices and procedures, as well as offer the personal guidance you’ll need to deal effectively with other lawyers and staff.

Ongoing Education
Our clients' problems change with the economic and political environments in which they operate. Cadwalader’s extensive continuing legal education program prepares you for these new challenges. You’ll combine on-the-job experience with formal courses and programs that will help you make the transition from an entry-level lawyer to an experienced attorney with increased problem-solving abilities.

Cadwalader is a New York State accredited continuing legal education provider with an annual offering of over 100 courses taught by senior attorneys and experts in various fields. In addition to substantive legal training, skills workshops speak to financial and time management issues, and writing and presentation techniques. All attorneys are encouraged to take courses given by bar associations as well as programs offered by Practising Law Institute (PLI), a nationally-recognized legal educator offering classes in nearly every area of law.

Professional Development
In addition to the formal training program and on-the-job experience, we are committed to enhancing your overall career development. We recognize that this starts with your daily work and, as such, most departments have a designated Manager of Professional Development. These Managers assist the leadership of the department in areas related to assignments, first-year associate integration, staffing and development, and associate support, including internal career guidance, navigating firm resources, and troubleshooting.

In addition to receiving regular feedback from their mentors and supervisors, who are responsible for monitoring and reviewing their work, first-years take part in a formal evaluation after their first six months at Cadwalader. As a first-year, client assignments and specific skills will be evaluated, along with time spent on pro bono, recruiting, mentoring, marketing and training activities. At this time you’ll have the opportunity to write a self-evaluation of how your work and training are meeting your career goals and expectations. You may also discuss general concerns and observations with the reviewing partners. Subsequent evaluations take place each calendar year.

Office and Information Resources
Each Cadwalader office is committed to providing sophisticated resources to help you work effectively and efficiently. Of course, we have state-of-the-art technology. But we also have superb support: creative and diligent legal secretaries, paralegals and reference librarians who can put a wealth of traditional and high-tech materials, databases and subject-specific resources at your fingertips. Starting from your first day, you will be advised on how to tap into these resources as part of Cadwalader’s commitment to equip you with everything you need to successfully fulfill your role.

The Firm Committee
We encourage our attorneys to get involved in the firm, and one of the best ways to do this is through the Firm Committee. Made up of attorneys from each department and office and several partners, including members of the Management Committee, this is the place to ask questions and influence firm policy. The Firm Committee has brought important changes to our training programs, pro bono practice, and personnel policies.